Reading Journal- Michael Bowdidge, Metassemblage: Collaging Theory and Practice



Okay. So upon my second reading, this makes much more sense. I don’t know if I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind, I was too tired, or what was wrong the first time I read through this, but the second time I was able to comprehend much more. The sentence structure and some teems still threw me off a bit, but I got through it much easier.

I feel like the idea of taking art objects, ideas, or compositions and reimagining them, reconfiguring them, reactualizing them in a different frame is how modern or contemporary art is expressing and evolving how we experience art. I liked the reference to a DJ, picking significant bits and pieces of music or audible art, and rearranging them to create a new piece, an elevated, changed experience of the bits.

The idea that we can reinterpret, even fundamentally change the meaning of a work by selecting parts to highlight, parts to obscure, is exciting.



I will not lie- this reading was incredibly difficult for me.  I struggled with the excessively flowery style of writing; I felt like the thesaurus had been abused.  I am going to read this all again on my way to Germany and I am praying to any deity that might listen that the second read-through goes much better.  

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