Prepping for Berlin

Getting ready to spend a month overseas is an undertaking.  Not only am I prepping for this adventure, I am taking care of all the things that I will be missing while I'm away.  Now add into that the hustle of homework, creating smaller studies of my artwork that are airline-friendly, and dealing with the illness and distance of loved ones. 


I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. 

Some moments as I'm reading, or making notes on my readings, my brain freezes.  The words on the page stop being anything but a collection of lines and shapes and I have to take a second to reorient my mind.  These are usually the moments that I pack something up or do a small chore and knock something off my list.  It's a small accomplishment, but it reminds me that it is all doable, if I take small bites.  I remind myself to look at smaller tasks, one or two at a time,  instead of all of them at once.  My anxiety lessens a bit and I can get back to focusing on my reading, on trying to understand, to comprehend and arrange my comprehension into something legible.  

Just now was a moment to let my brain take a break for a few minutes and to test out my nifty new blog before posting my reading journals.  

Taking a nice deep breath, drinking lots of water, and getting back to it. 

Thanks for reading my rambling.  It made my mind feel better.