Plot twist...

Well, I was really excited to begin moving into my new studio... and then I got a call from my Uncle in Los Angeles.  My dad, Mike, who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis since I was a baby, was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit in Long Beach and I needed to come right away.  He has always had the most optimistic outlook, even when he was moved to a care center in Long Beach nearly 10 years ago.  He never complained, he always had a smile, he always wanted to hear about my adventures, our family, and what I had planned.  It was devastating to see him on a ventilator, unable to communicate, not recognizing his family.  My grandmother, two of my uncles, and I had to make some very difficult decisions concerning his prognosis and his hospice care. 

My life has sort of been in limbo, waiting to see if his condition is improving or declining, whether or not to rearrange flights and when to try to come back to the life I've left on hold in Utah.  My dad's condition was just barely upgraded, so I came back to Utah and I am trying to get the studio set up and an Art Show ready in a week.   

I'll do my best to get it together and get working by next week, but sometimes life throws us curve balls, plot twists, and we just have to roll with them.  Wish my dad health, me luck, and I'll wish you all a great day.